warrant of fitness(WOF)

TAS carries out WOF’s on vehicles of any age light vehicles (cars, vans, 4WDs, light trucks) and Trailers (which also includes Caravans). 


Our fully qualified vehicle Inspectors carry out a thorough inspection to guarantee your vehicle safety for everyday motoring.


What does a warrant inspection cover?

The WOF inspection is a general safety check. The aspects checked are set out in our Vehicle inspection requirements manual (VIRM) and include:

• Tyre condition (including tread depth)

• Brake operation

• Structural condition (rust is not allowed in certain areas)

• Lights

• Glazing (is your windscreen safe?)

• Windscreen washers and wipers

• Doors (do they open and close safely?)

• Safety belts (must not be damaged or overly faded; buckles must work properly)

• Airbags (if fitted)

• Speedometer (must be working)

• Steering and suspension (must be safe and secure)

• Exhaust (there must be no leaks and the exhaust must not be smoky or louder than the original exhaust system)

• Fuel system (there must be no leaks)

And many more points set by the NZTA regulations


How often do I need to get a WOF for my vehicle?

 - Brand New vehicles are issued with a 3 year WOF

 - Any Vehicles registered for the first time after January 2000 are issued with a 12 month WOF

 - Any Vehicles registered for the first time before January 2000 are issued with a 6 month WOF