TAS offer a transmission flush service using our modern Wynn’s trans flush machine. We perform a complete flush using Wynn’s transmission flush additive and replace all the oil in the transmission including the torque converter. When a drain and replace oil transmission service is carried out dirty oil can remain in the torque converter which contaminates the new oil instantly on start up.

After flushing the transmission, we replace all the oil with the recommended Castrol oil specified by the vehicle manufacture also adding a Wynn’s Automatic transmission Treatment.

 Wynn’s Auto transmission treatment is formulated to:

  • Promote smooth gear shifts.

  • Free up sticking hydraulic valves

  • Increase automatic transmission fluid life

  • Extend automatic transmission life

  • Revitalise rubber seals & O-rings

  • Reduce wear & lubricate internal components.


Flushing out your transmission is recommended every 30000kms. It is also recommended to flush your automatic transmission regularly if towing heavy loads or operating under extreme conditions.

Te Anau Auto services recommends a pre summer transmission flush as part of your regular yearly vehicle servicing.

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