Wheel alignments

Our Hunter wheel alignment machine is the most modern in the Te Anau area .


 What is a wheel alignment?

First step of the assessment is a brief pre-alignment road test. Then your car is put up on the hoist and connected to an electronic device which reads the vehicle's current alignment - or lack of it! Correct geometry is achieved through a series of adjustments on each wheel to ensure the computerised reading meets the vehicle manufacturer's standards.

After this fine tuning, another road test is done to confirm that the alignment is back on track and road-worthy. At the completion of the wheel alignment, you'll be given a print-out of the wheel alignment machine's readings and an explanation of which corrections have been made.

When and why does my vehicle need a wheel alignment?

It's important to get a wheel alignment done after you have new tyres fitted. Regular wheel alignments will improve fuel economy and are essential for even tyre wear, which will give your tyres a longer life.


You should have your alignment checked:

•When fitting new tyres.

•Every 12 months or every 12,000km you drive (whichever comes first).

•After the replacement of any steering or suspension parts.

•After getting vehicle repairs because of an accident.

Something as small as hitting a curb could put your wheel alignment out.